What We Do


  1. Coaching them in Christian principles as a foundation for living. Showing them how to be an OVERCOMER (Opportunity, Vision, Equipped, Responsibility, Commitment, Order, Maturity, Excellence, Resiliency) and the importance of making a CHANGE (Courage, Hope, Ask God, No to Negativity, Goals, Excellence).
  2. Introducing CMAT participants to community and faith-based support services and leisure activities. 
  3. Assisting ex-offenders with job interviewing skills, helping with resume writing, and identifying job vacancies.
  4. Pointing them to resources such as clothing and food banks, housing assistance, physical and mental health services, job training, transportation assistance, etc.
  5. Providing guidance/steps for securing identification papers and other necessary documents (for example, driver’s licenses) before leaving prison or shortly after gaining their freedom.
  6. Teaching them to develop independent living skills such as balancing budgets, goal-setting, and bridging relational gaps before transitioning from prison.

The Holy Bible is the main reference book; however, other books and pamphlets will be used as needed.